Dieter Koemle


Research focus

Human Dimensions of Fisheries, Agricultural and Environmental Economics and Policy, Applied Econometrics

Curriculum vitae

since 2019




Important scientific discoveries and associated papers

Koemle, D., Lakner, S., Yu, X. (2019). The impact of Natura 2000 designation on agricultural land rents in Germany. Land Use Policy, 87, 104013

Koemle, D., Zinngrebe, Y., Yu, X. (2018). Highway construction and wildlife populations: evidence from Austria. Land Use Policy, 73, 447-457

Koemle, D. B. A., Morawetz, U. B. (2016). Improving mountain bike trails in Austria: an assessment of trail preferences and benefits from trail features using choice experiments. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, Mountain biking: Challenges and benefits, 15, 55–65