IFishman publishes new suggestions for a better consideration of the angler- and fishbehaviour in science and fisheries management

Fish biology, Social Ecology, Fisheries Management,

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Published :
Title : Fisheries, 41:9, 524-535

IFishman publishes new study about the history and future of the fisheries at the Lake Constance in context of the rapid decreasing nutrient content - an example, how a succesful water protection could have threatening consequences for the fishery

Fisheries Management, Fisheries Ecology, Social Ecology,

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Jan Baer, Reiner Eckmann, Roland Rösch, Robert Arlinghaus, Alexander Brinker

Published :
Title : E-book: ‘Inter-Sectoral Governance of Inland Fisheries’

Robert Arlinghaus erhält CULTURA-Preis 2016

Social Ecology, Fisheries Management, Fisheries Ecology,

Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus erhielt für seine disziplinübergreifende Forschungsarbeit nun den CULTURA-Preis 2016 der Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S

Published :
Title : Preisverleihung Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus