How do tench behave under water?

The researchers of the IFishMan team followed up on this exciting question - with amazing results. With the help of our three-dimensional acoustic telemetry system (see here for more information), it was possible to observe tench behavior with high resolution of more than a year. Below are the first exciting videos ...

Much fun from the IFishMan Team!

How do tench behave in April?

Tench anglers watch out: how does the possibly most beautiful freshwater fish - the tench - behave in high resolution in a natural lake of 25 ha? We have the answer for April, as part of a research project using modern ultrasound telemetry (fish carry transmitter). If you like, just subscribe to IFishMan. From now on every month a look into the world of tench behaviour. When the fish disappear, the fish are in structures (plants, herbs, reeds) and largely inactive (e.g. at night). You can also see a stationary fish - this tench has not survived the winter. Otherwise, it is clear that the tench in April are clearly morning fish and clearly prefer the shallow eastern shore.

The early bird catches the tench! Behavior of tench in May

How does the tench in May behave: Tinca tinca - the secret? What are these beautiful fish doing in nature? When is the tench active in May? We have the answer scientifically based on ultrasound telemetry for you. See for yourself (if a fish disappears, it is in plants, and the green fish has not survived the winter). I would say - a high on the morning hours.

Exciting insights into the behavior of tench in June! See for yourself!

The June behavior of tench, recorded by high-resolution ultrasound telemetry. When the fish disappear, they are in plants. You can also see three stationary fish (especially bright green dot is noticeable) - these are dead fish, their transmitter continue to beam.

On the behavior side, there is no obvious reaction to wind, strong morning activity and relevant day activity, and grouping and aggregation tendencies on hotspots. By contrast, it is rather quiet at night. Who else sees something interesting?

Still high activity of tench in the early morning hours. Here is the July!

Tench behavior high resolution in July in a natural lake. From 4 meters, the lake is oxygen-free. If a fish disappears, it is in structures. Results of a fishfinding project from IFishMan, stay the same and stay informed.

The tench remain "morning" types, what other patterns do you see?

High resolution tench behaviour in August!

What do the secret tench do in August? The IFishMan fishfinding project has the answer (like and stay informed). As always - when a fish is gone, it is in plants or wood. And below 4 meters, the lake is oxygen-free in summer.

Late summer! What are the tench doing in September?

This is how tench behave in a summer-layered lake (no oxygen below 4 meters) in September. News from IFishMan scientific fish location project. The predators will follow in the next few days. And on IFishMan, all spring and summer videos are for those who want to compare September with other months. If you like, leave a subscription on IFishMan.

The autumn starts! What are our tench doing in October?

IFishMan's scientific fish-finding project presents - October behavior of tench in a 25-ha natural lake. If a fish disappears, it is in plants and not locatable. Have fun!

In the coming days, the predators of the lake come .... Subscribe, like and share of IFishMan is worthwhile - always on the pulse of the latest research on fishing...

Behaviour of tench in November!

The fish tracking project of IFishMan (now like and subscribe) now presents the behavior of tench in late autumn in November. It's worth comparing to the already posted November videos of carps. Very different pictures. As always, if a fish disappears, it is in plants, wood, etc. and can not be located. The lake is full mixed and now has oxygen everywhere. Do you like the video?

What are tench doing in winter? Here is the December

It continues with the December behavior of large tench in the natural lake from the fish detection project of IFishMan. Have fun!

The winter is still moving in! How do our tench behave in January?

If you do not feel like watching the TV program, just take a look at the January behavior of Tench in the 25 hectare natural lake of the IFishMan scientific fishfinding project (just like IFishMan and subscribe). Have fun!

How do tench behave in February?

What are our Tinca tinca doing in February? IFishMan has the answer. Behaviour of the other months are available at or at IFishMan.

In the next days we continue with our predators.

Tench in March!

And now the March behavior of tench in a natural lake from the scientific fish-finding project of IFishMan. It's the last video we post to the tench. The other months can be found on our social channels. Have fun!