Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus

Professor / Project leader

Work Package 5

Research focus

Human dimensions and bio-economics of recreational fisheries, inter- and transdisciplinary fisheries research, fish and fisher behavioural ecology.

Jan Droll

MSc student / Student assistant


Age determination of pike for the "BODDENHECHT" project

Dr. Elias Ehrlich

Ecologist and ecosystem modeler

Work package 4

Research focus

Population dynamics and aquatic food webs, Fish stock assessment

Dr. Dieter Kömle

Agricultural economist

Work package 1

Research focus

Social science dimensions of fisheries, agricultural and environmental economics and policy, applied econometrics

Carsten Kühn


Institute of Fisheries, State Research Center of Agriculture and Fisheries M-V

Olga Lukyanova

M.Sc. Student


Spatial analysis of pike movement in the "BODDENHECHT" project

Nicolas Marturano

M.Sc. Student / Student assistant


Age determination of pike in the "BODDENHECHT" project

Dominique Niessner


Work package 3


Project coordination, communication management and public relations

Korbinian Pacher

M.Sc. Student / Student assistant


Investigation of stable isotopes in the "BODDENHECHT" project.

Timo Rittweg

Phd student

Research focus

Biological and fishery-induced effects on growth and yield of pike in the Bodden lagoons

Phillip Roser

MSc student / Student assistant


Fish ecology and population dynamics in the "BODDENHECHT" project

Jakob Skwara

Intern / M.Sc. student


Morphometric analyses of pike (Boddenhecht)

Catherine Slaton

M.Sc. student


Human dimensions of fisheries management in the "BODDENHECHT" project