Live Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus am Donnerstag den 19.11.2020 um 16:00 Uhr auf YouTube

Sozial-Ökologie , Fischereimanagement , Angler , Fischereiökologie

Kommenden Donnerstag (19.11.2020 um 16:00 Uhr) hält IFishMan Gruppenleiter Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus einen live Vortrag im Rahmen der Webinar Reihe von IMEDEA New Frontiers - Transdisziplinäre Forschung zu natürlichen Systemen. Der Titel des Vortrages ist: Sustainable natural resource management through transdisciplinary collaboration with stakeholders: lessons learned from fisheries (Nachhaltiges Management natürlicher Ressourcen durch transdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit mit Interessengruppen: Lehren aus der Fischerei).

Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus als interdisziplinärer Fischereiwissenschaftler, der sich mit sozial-ökologischen Problemen in der Freizeitfischerei befasst, gibt Einblicke in seine Forschung.


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Abstract: Transdisciplinary cooperation among stakeholders and scientists is often believed to be key to develop robust solutions for the sustainable management and use of natural resources. Prof. Robert Arlinghaus will present examples from fisheries where the principle of transdisciplinarity was implemented in practice through the joint planning and execution of fisheries management experiments together with recreational fishers as stakeholders. The multi-year, replicated experiments were conducted a realistic whole-ecosystem scales in systems owned and managed by fisheries stakeholders. Ecological experiments were embedded in social experiments designed to examine the pedagogical outcomes of transdisciplinary cooperation relative to other forms of science engagement. Prof. Robert Arlinghaus will show that transdiscplinary cooperation through active adaptive management experiments not only helps us understand how fish respond to management, but also leaves a pedagogical legacy in stakeholders that far extends beyond the realm of science. If the aim is to empower stakeholders to learn how to better deal and manage natural resources, designing transdisciplinary projects might be advisable in a wide range of natural resource use contexts.

Das IFishMan-Team wünscht viel Spaß beim Vortrag!

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