William Arlidge hands in Ph.D. thesis at Oxford University


Our team member William N.S. Arlidge has recently handed in his Ph.D. thesis about mitigating marine megafauna captures in fisheries at the University of Oxford, UK. In 2016, he received a Commonwealth PhD Scholarship and was supervised by Professor Milner-Gulland (Oxford University) and Professor Dale Squires (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and University California San Diego). The first major theme of William’s D.Phil. research sought to understand if the biodiversity impact mitigation hierarchy could be effective when translated to marine megafauna bycatch and more broadly as a global mitigation hierarchy for nature conservation. Collaborating with the Peruvian not-for-profit conservation organisation, ProDelphinus, William then focused on a case-study fishery in northern Peru. Using mixed methods surveying, William investigated a mitigation hierarchy approach for managing sea turtle captures in small-scale fisheries. He also explored novel approaches to gathering data and insight to inform management decision through the mitigation hierarchy framework. These included evaluating elicited judgements of turtle captures for data-limited fisheries management and assessing information-sharing networks within small-scale fisheries and the implications for conservation interventions. This is a really impressive work and congratulations, William. Cheers! 


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