Project Adaptfish, Peer-reviewed,

Behaviour in a standardized assay, but not metabolic or growth rate, predicts behavioural variation in an adult aquatic top predator Esox lucius in the wild

Kate L. Laskowski, Christopher T. Monk, Giovanni Polverino, Josep Alós, Shinnosuke Nakayama, Georg Staaks, Thomas Mehner, Robert Arlinghaus

Published : 2016
Appeared in : Journal of Fish Biology, 88, 1544–1563

Project BType, Peer-reviewed,

Who directs group movement? Leader effort versus follower preference in stickleback fish of different personality

Shinnosuke Nakayama, Jennifer L. Harcourt, Rufus A. Johnstone, Andrea Manica

Published : 2016
Appeared in : Biological Letters, 12, 20160207

Project BType, Peer-reviewed,

Stress is not pain. Comment on Elwood and Adams (2015) ‘Electric shock causes physiological stress responses in shore crabs, consistent with prediction of pain’

E. D. Stevens, R. Arlinghaus, H. I. Browman, S. J. Cooke, I.G.Cowx, B. K. Diggles, B.Key, J. D. Rose, W. Sawynok, A. Schwab, A. B. Skiftesvik, C. A. Watson, C. D. L. Wynne

Published : 2016
Appeared in : Biological Letters, 12, 20151006

Project Adaptfish, Project BType, Peer-reviewed,

Behaviour-mediated alteration of positively size-dependent vulnerability to angling in response to historical fishing pressure in a freshwater salmonid.

Jun-ichi Tsuboi, Kentaro Morita, Thomas Klefoth, Shinsuke Endou, Robert Arlinghaus

Published : 2016
Appeared in : Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 73, 461–468