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We are the Division of Integrative Fisheries Management (IFishMan) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. We conduct social-ecological research und provide the scientific foundation for sustainable recreational fisheries. More



Spearfishing modulates flight initiation distance of fishes: the effects of protection, individual size, and bearing a speargun

Valerio Sbragaglia, Lorenzo Morroni, Lorenzo Bramanti, Boris Weitzmann, Robert Arlinghaus, Ernesto Azzurro

Published: 2018
Appeared in: ICES Journal of Marine Science, 75(5), 1779-1789


Public perception of river fish biodiversity in four European countries

Sophia Kochalski, Carsten Riepe, Marie Fujitani, Øystein Aas, Robert Arlinghaus

Published: 2018
Appeared in: Conservation Biology, 1-12


A matter of scales: does the management of marine recreational fisheries follow the ecosystem approach to fisheries in Europe?

Pablo Pita, Sebastián Villasante, Robert Arlinghaus, Pedro Gomes, Harry V. Strehlow, Pedro Veiga, José Vingada, Kieran Hyder

Published: 2018
Appeared in: Marine Policy, 97, 61-71


Tracking fish abundance by underwater image recognition

Simone Marini, Emanuela Fanelli, Valerio Sbragaglia, Ernesto Azzurro, Joaquin Del Rio Fernandez, Jacopo Aguzzi

Published: 2018
Appeared in: Scientific Reports, 8, 13748


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BAGGERSEE im TV! - Totholz im Baggersee!

BAGGERSEE geht ins TV! Am 06.09. um 18:30 Uhr wurde im 3sat im Rahmen der...



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Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus im Interview mit Matze Koch für die Fisch und Fang

Nachgehakt! Matze Koch interviewt Angelprofessor Dr. Robert Arlinghaus zu...

Matze Koch, Fisch und Fang


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Deutscher Beitrag beim World-Fishing Day aus Niedersachsen

Am 23.6.2018 wurde im Rahmen des World Fishing Day live vom Linner See bei...


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IFishMan räumt weiterhin Preise ab! Dr. Thomas Klefoth und Sebastian Theis wurden vom Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut ausgezeichnet!

Die Reihe der Auszeichnung reisst nicht ab! Dieses mal wurden Dr. Thomas...


Profil Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus

In my group, we primarily study the social, economic and biological dimensions of angling as a social-ecological system. In addition, I study the ecology and evolution of fish stocks in natural and artificial aquatic ecosystems, with particular emphasis on anthropogenic stressors, e.g. fishing pressure. We pursue a strictly interdisciplinary research approach in which the natural and the social sciences are coupled.