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We are the Division of Integrative Fisheries Management (IFishMan) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. We conduct social-ecological research und provide the scientific foundation for sustainable recreational fisheries. More



Ecological, angler, and spatial heterogeneity drive social and ecological outcomes in an integrated landscape model of freshwater recreational fisheries

Shuichi Matsumura, Ben Beardmore, Wolfgang Haider, Ulf Dieckmann, Robert Arlinghaus

Published: 2019
Appeared in: Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture, 27(2), 170–197


Opinion: Governing the recreational dimension of global fisheries

Robert Arlinghaus, Joshua K. Abbott, Eli P. Fenichel, Stephen R. Carpenter, Len M. Hunt, Josep Alós, Thomas Klefoth, Steven J. Cooke, Ray Hilborn, Olaf P. Jensen, Michael J. Wilberg, John R. Post, Michael J. Manfredo

Published: 2019
Appeared in: PNAS, 116(2), 5209-5213


Feeding aquatic ecosystems: whole-lake experimental addition of angler’s ground bait strongly affects omnivorous fish despite low contribution to lake carbon budget

Thomas Mehner, Tobias Rapp, Christopher T. Monk, Mara E. Beck, Ashley Trudeau, Mikko Kiljunen, Sabine Hilt, Robert Arlinghaus

Published: 2019
Appeared in: Ecosystems, 22, 346–362

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Das Bild vom Angler - Wie die Öffentlichkeit über uns denkt

Robert Arlinghaus, Carsten Riepe

Published: 2019
Appeared in: Blinker, 3/2019, 40-45


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Lebende Fischkarten!

Wie verhalten sich Fische in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung? Dieser spannenden...



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Neuste IFishMan Publikation im hochrenommierten Fachmagazin PNAS: Fünf-Punkte-Plan zur Integration der Hobbyangler in Fischerei- und Gewässerschutzpolitik

Die Angelfischerei ist zu bedeutsam - sozial, ökonomisch und biologisch - um...



Deutscher Hechtangler-Club e.V. spendet 1000 € an IFishMan

Am Montag den 18.02.2019 besuchte uns Andreas Baake vom Deutschen ...


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Profil Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus

In my group, we primarily study the social, economic and biological dimensions of angling as a social-ecological system. In addition, I study the ecology and evolution of fish stocks in natural and artificial aquatic ecosystems, with particular emphasis on anthropogenic stressors, e.g. fishing pressure. We pursue a strictly interdisciplinary research approach in which the natural and the social sciences are coupled.