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We are the Division of Integrative Fisheries Management (IFishMan) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. We conduct social-ecological research und provide the scientific foundation for sustainable recreational fisheries. More

Film-Porträt des Communicator-Preisträgers 2020 Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus


Wir danken Sterntaucher Filmproduktion, der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft und dem Stifterverband sowie Jörg Schütt, Sven Borstel, Babs Kijewski und den Teammitgliedern von IFishMan für die wunderbare Unterstützung des Filmprojekts und der dahinterliegenden Arbeit.



Mental health and fisheries - An understudied topic of global relevance

Robert Arlinghaus, Paul J. B. Hart

Published : 2021
Appeared in : Fish and Fisheries, 22, 871-873

Project Boddenpike, Peer-reviewed,

Reproductive hyperallometry and managing the world’s fisheries

Dustin J. Marshall, Michael Bode, Marc Mangel, Robert Arlinghaus, Edward J. Dick

Published : 2021
Appeared in : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118, e2100695118

Project Boddenpike, Popular article,

Bodden: Hechte mit Rucksäcken unterwegs

Robert Arlinghaus, Dominique Niessner

Published : 2021
Appeared in : Rute & Rolle, 9, 48-51


Contrasting the motivations and wildlife-related value orientations of recreational fishers with participants of other outdoor and indoor recreational activities

Beatriz Morales-Nin, Robert Arlinghaus, Josep Alós

Published : 2021
Appeared in : Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 714733


Social Ecology, Fisheries Management, Fish biology, Angler, Fisheries Ecology,

Zeitschrift für Fischerei - erstes deutschsprachiges Open-Access-Journal der Fischereiforschung

Die „Zeitschrift für Fischerei“ (kurz: FischZeit) bündelt als erste...

Published :


, Fisheries Management, Fish biology, Angler, Fisheries Ecology,

Against overfishing: Protect large spawners and assess stocks correctly

The replenishment potential of exploited fish stocks is systematically...

Published :

Social Ecology, Angler, Fisheries Ecology,

Why do people support fish species conservation in European rivers?

Different mentalities in Germany, France, Norway and Sweden

An important...

Published :

Social Ecology, Fisheries Management, Fish biology, Angler, Fisheries Ecology,

So meiden schlaue Fische den Köder! - Angel-Podcast „Bis zum Biss“

Deutschlands wichtigster Fischerei-Forscher im Interview

Published :

Profil Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus

In my group, we primarily study the social, economic and biological dimensions of angling as a social-ecological system. In addition, I study the ecology and evolution of fish stocks in natural and artificial aquatic ecosystems, with particular emphasis on anthropogenic stressors, e.g. fishing pressure. We pursue a strictly interdisciplinary research approach in which the natural and the social sciences are coupled.