Chronotypes‑personality behavioural syndromes in wild marine fish


Chronotypes, the individual differences in daily activity timing, have profound associations with numerous physiological processes. Despite this, the covariance between chronotypes and other aspects of an individual’s behaviour has been infrequently explored in non-human animals. This study delves into individual’s variation across four axes of personality in a controlled environment, utilising the pearly razorfish, a model species for fish chronotype studies. We identified behavioural types across the aggressiveness continuum and established behavioural syndromes amongst exploration, activity, and boldness, irrespective of body size and condition. Subsequent to this, the experimental subjects were reintroduced to their natural habitat and individually tracked using high-resolution technology to ascertain their chronotypes. Our results revealed that whilst the exploration-activity-boldness syndrome bore no correlation with chronotypes, a significant association was observed between aggressiveness and chronotype. Hence, individuals with later awakening times and rest onsets were more aggressive than their counterparts with earlier awakening times and rest onsets. This study provides pioneering evidence linking fish chronotypes with other behavioural traits, such as aggressiveness, suggesting that behavioural variation could be potentially linked to the individuals’ variation in internal clocks and the environmental variables influencing their expression.

Martorell‑Barceló, M., Signaroli, M., Barcelo-Serra, M., Lana, A., Aspillaga, E., Grau, A., Arlinghaus, R., Alós, J. 2023. Chronotypes‑personality behavioural syndromes in wild marine fish. scientific reports, 13, 20281.

Published : 2023
Appeared in : scientific reports, 13, 20281