Software for Fisheries Managment

Here you will find a free software to simulate the effects of stocking and harvest regulations on fish stocks and angling quality. To run the software, you need minimal information, but you can include information on local angling pressure, the type and distribution of angler types. 


Why is that useful?

The opportunities of the software are explained in our new book (Chapter 8). The book is for now just available in German. But the software is also available in English.

Book (Chapter 8: Software Introduction)


Interested in the software?

Download Software


How can I start the whole software?

Just download the Zip-file "" and extract all files in the downloaded folder. In the folder "Hegeplanung" you will find two applications - "Hegeplanung" (german version of the software) and also "RecFishSimulator" (englisch version of the software). Just run the english Version "RecFishSimulator" of the software and the whole application will start.