Patterns of genetic variation in native and non‑native populations of European catfish Silurus glanis across Europe

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Biological invasions are a major component of global change worldwide. But paradoxically, an invasive species might also have threatened populations within its native range. Designing efficient management policies is needed to prevent and mitigate range expansions of invasive alien species (IAS) in non-native areas, while protecting them within their native range. Characterizing genetic variation patterns for IAS populations and deciphering the links between their native and introduced populations is helpful to (i) assess the genetic state of both native and non-native populations, (ii) reveal potential invasion pathways, (iii) define IAS management strategies in invaded areas, and (iv) identify native populations requiring conservation measures. The European catfish (Silurus glanis) is the largest European predatory fish. Introduced since the seventies from Eastern to Western Europe, it has colonized many waterbodies. Yet, little is known about the genetic status of non-native populations and the invasion pathways used by the species. Besides, some native populations are threatened, requiring conservation actions. Here, we describe current patterns of genetic variability of native and non-native S. glanis populations across Europe. Using microsatellite markers, we first assessed genetic variation within and between native and non-native populations. Second, we performed genetic clustering analyses to determine the genetic structure of multiple catfish populations across Europe and highlight their potential links. We revealed that native populations are more genetically diverse than non-native populations, and highlight complex introduction pathways involving several independent sources of introduction, which likely explain the invasion success of this large predatory fish across western Europe.

Castagné, P., Paz-Vinas, I., Castagné, S., Ferriol, J., Loot, G., Veyssière, C., Arlinghaus, R. Britton, R., Chiarello, M., García‑Berthou, E., Horký, P., Nicolas, D., Nocita, A., Nordahl, O., Ovidio, M., Ribeiro, F., Slavík, O., Vagnon, C., Blanchet, S., Santoul, F. 2023. Patterns of genetic variation in native and non‑native populations of European catfish Silurus glanis across Europe. Biodiversity and Conservation, 32, 2127-2147.

Veröffentlicht : 2023
Erschienen in : Biodiversity and Conservation, 32, 2127-2147