Master or Bachelor Thesis in the Behavioral Ecology and Evolution of Fish with a possibility for a student assistant position in zebrafish husbandry


What we are looking for?

We are looking for students of biology, ecology, fisheries or related fields with a strong interest and motivation in understanding the connection between brain and cognitive behaviour. The work resonates with study programs in organismal biology, neurobiology and behavioural ecology. We are open to applications by students with Czech nationality and/or residence in Prague to conduct the intended neurobiological assays. These assays will be conducted in the facility of Professor Pavel Němec in Department of Zoology at Charles University in Prague. Depending on student interest and flexibility, there is the possibility to spent some time in Prague.

If the student is enrolled in a different program than at the Faculty of Life Sciences at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (where Robert Arlinghaus is affiliated), we most likely will need to find a primary supervisor in the student’s home institution with Professor Robert Arlinghaus as your second supervisor. Most study programs allow that flexibility. Therefore, applications by external students are encouraged.

What you can expect?

The student will be involved in all lab activities of the IFishMan group and of IGB Berlin situated in Friedrichshagen in Köpenick, Berlin. Previous student research in IFishMan has resulted in (lead) authorship in international publications, and the student will receive intensive support for buidling his/her scientific career, e.g. through attendance of conferences and individual mentorship. The project is a part of the Science of Intelligence cluster located in TU Berlin and is also affiliated with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. All of this gives excellent networking and career development opportunities to the students. If the student is enrolled at a German university, we can possibly find student assistant money to support some of your work financially.

Interested students shall sent their CV and a one-page letter of motivation to the Robert Arlinghaus and Tamal Roy in copy. We will fill the position at our earliest convenience.

Contact information:

Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus


Dr. Tamal Roy



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