Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus

Professor / Fachgebietsleiter

Research focus

Human dimensions and bio-economics of recreational fisheries, inter- and transdisciplinary fisheries research, fish and fisher behavioural ecology.

William Arlidge


Research focus

Diagnosis and management of small-scale fisheries,
information flow and social network analysis,
fisheries bycatch mitigation

Fritz Feldhege

MSc student / Student assistant

Research focus

Impact of dead wood on young fish abundance in gravel pit lakes

Abundance estimates in northern pike within the project "BODDENHECHT"

Shani Kauffeldt

Student assistant

Research focus

Participation in the project 'Evolution of collective cognition in response to novel selection
pressures – how individual-level adaptations shape group-level outcomes'

Robina Kienitz

M. Sc. Student / Störbagger project

Research focus

Sustainable management (companies, value chains and consumption)

Environmental economics and policy (sustainable economic development - transformation of the economy)

Jaime Engo Morales

M.Sc. student

Research focus

Qualitative analysis of management preferences as expressed by lagoon pike anglers in Rügen

Carsten Riepe

Scientist (Postdoc)

Research focus

social-ecological research; human dimensions of aquatic ecology and fisheries

Timo Rittweg

PhD student

Research focus

Biological and fishery-induced effects on growth and yield of pike in the Bodden lagoons

Tamal Roy


Research focus

Behavioural and evolutionary ecology of size-selective harvesting

Richard Timm

M.Sc. Student


Effects of habitat improvement (shallow water zones, placement of dead wood) on the growth of Perch (Perca fluviatilis) and Rudd (Rutilus rutilus) in gravel pit lakes (project BAGGERSEE)